It’s All About Location, Location, Location

Looking out the front door of our ministry center last week, a visitor who grew up in Washington, DC, and knows a lot about this town said, “Wow. You’re really right here where it all happens!”

The visitor was actually looking at the Supreme Court which sits almost diametrically opposite of our building. Just beyond it, by one block, is the United States Capitol. To the right, by two blocks, are the three U.S. Senate office buildings, and just a short walk to the left are the three office buildings of the House of Representatives. Ten minutes to the northeast is the White House, and the Pentagon is just a 15-minute ride over the Potomac. The avenues and streets in between all these points are lined with the headquarters for most of the various departments of government.

Our visitor was right. We are “where everything happens.” I’m grateful to God for that. So much of the ministry we do in Washington is based on proximity. Just like a church needs to be near the community it seeks to reach with the Gospel, we need to be near those we seek to reach with the truth of God’s Word. Most top-level officials in our federal government are within an easy walk of our front door–not to mention the hundreds of thousands of employees that assist these officials.

I’m especially reminded of the importance of our location when June rolls around. The Supreme Court is in session October to June. As an unofficial rule, cases heard by the justices are generally decided and published in the term in which they were argued. (Although, technically, a case may be held over to the next term, ordered to be re-argued, or simply ignored.) Generally speaking, June is the last month in this term for decisions to be released. The later it gets in June, the greater the tension over impending opinions. And that means my team must be ready to respond at literally a moment’s notice. (I think I’ve posted before on how there is no advance warning of any Supreme Court decision.)

My team and I respond to Supreme Court cases because it’s our obligation to “speak the truth.” (Ephesians 4:25) You’ll often see me in front of the Court, with a bank of microphones in my face, addressing the media. That’s not as easy as it seems. People on the opposite side of every issue try to crowd out our voices. To be heard we need to be first in position. To be first in position we need to be right “where everything happens.”

Maintaining a center of ministry activity immediately across the street from the highest court in the land, just a stone’s throw from the center of federal government at the US Capitol, and in the corridor traveled often by the President of the United States is not easy or cheap. It is, in fact, costly in every way. That’s why we need you and your generosity.

This week I will host several extraordinary friends to this ministry for a very unusual visit to the U.S. Capitol and to the Supreme Court. They will see and hear things no tourist to Washington will ever be exposed to, and they will meet some of the main players in Washington. We do this as a way to demonstrate to our top supporters that their efforts are bearing great fruit for the work of God in the nation’s capital city.

It’s always frustrating to me that we can only bring a very limited number of people to these events. I’d love to include every person that has ever prayed for us or has ever given a dime to help us, but the powers that be just won’t permit it. Please know, though, that you and every friend of Faith and Action counts equally in the plan and purpose of God for this Gospel outreach to our top government officials. As our group gathers today and tomorrow, we will take time to thank God for you as a member of our extended missionary team. Please pray for us as we represent you as your missionaries here in Washington. I’ll be sure to send you a complete report.

Always thankful for you in Christ,