Positive, transformational change is at the heart of Rev. Rob Schenck’s life. As you follow his story, you’ll learn about the three conversions that shaped his accessible theology and now serve to inspire those around the globe. 

Ordained evangelical minister. Impactful political activist. Unlikely film star. Inspirational author. Appreciative husband and father. Avid academic. Rob has played all these roles - and more - in his first 60 years. 

Yet it’s his relatively recent return to the simple Gospel that first drew him to Christianity, and the compelling call to reform that led him to found The Dietrich Bonhoeffer Institute, that have brought him full circle to an inspiring message of faith, hope and love that the world desperately needs to hear today. 

Learn more about the transformations that led Rob on his remarkable journey from the epicenter of the religious right to becoming the reluctant subject of an Emmy-award winning document to his rise as a highly regarded public theologian known for his open and accessible style. And bring his inspiring message home – via his Costly Grace book or his podcasts -  or to your organization through a speaking engagement. 


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